The Selling Process

Here at Barker Childcare Sales we try to make things as simple as possible and everything is always kept TOTALLY CONFIDENTIAL!

Whether you are looking for an exit strategy or just to get an idea on what your centre is worth in the market today, we are happy to help.

Below are some pointers that might help you get a clearer idea on the process of selling:


All I really need is the current year's accounts (if they are done of course, even drafts are fine) and the previous 3 years. Profit and Loss is fine, then the basics such as how many children are enrolled, can be enrolled, what ages and the like.


I will send you a listing form for you to read, pass on to your adviser/ lawyer, along with the appraisal figure, comparative businesses sold and the conclusions I have made. You can take as long as you need to reach your decision to list with me, again no pressure is ever applied.

Stage 3: OK LETS GO

So, you have decided, YES... the time is right to sell, I'm happy with the advice received to date, let's do it. I will then need to spend around an hour with you discussing the business, getting a clear picture on its structure, I will need photos (I can take these or you can supply). Usually this is done out of normal business hours to keep it confidential from the staff, parents and the like.

Stage 4: THE IM (Information Memorandum) & THE ADVERTISING

From the information received we put together an advert and the IM for your business. You need to read this and be completely happy with both of them; any changes that need to be made, anything you are not happy with, we will change, then you sign off and we are ready to take it to market.


At this stage we are ready to do our marketing, which is all online (print has been tried and tested in the past and does not compare to online marketing. We use our own websites; & plus several more leading sites.

It is published and then potential buyers submit a Confidentiality Agreement to us. I then go through and work out (from usually 100+ enquiries) who is the most likely to purchase, who has the funds to do that etc, etc... Then I interview the suitable candidates, handing them the IM information whilst making it perfectly clear, this is 100% Confidential, the information is only for you and your financial adviser alone, nobody else.

Stage 6: OFFERS

After around 2-4 weeks I usually start to field offers, my role is not to take the first offer just to make a sale, but to ensure we get the best price for you, the best match for the business and the most likely person to follow through to fruition. This is not always an easy process, but I have become very skilled in this field and find I get it right time after time.